Flexwork is not just an employee benefit, it’s also a business strategy. Jobs that have traditionally been remote (call centers, claims processors, data entry) are often chosen because they are task oriented. Mobile workers have traditionally been field representatives such as sales, and home health care workers. But what about your project managers, innovators and creatives? Is it appropriate for them to be work-at-home as well? What works best for your organization? I believe that the key to any successful remote work program is to get the right people, in the right place, for the right reason.

If you’ve been thinking about offering a flexwork initiative to your employees but you’re not sure how to set up your program, take a moment and schedule a free 30-minute consultation. I can help, whether you’re looking to create a completely virtual or a blended organization with the culture and systems to enable people to be successful.

What I can help you accomplish:

  • Determine return-on-investment
  • Conduct training for employees and managers
  • Create policies and procedures
  • Conduct pilot Programs
  • Gap Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Program Benchmarking
  •  Business Continuity Plans