Are you looking for a dynamic tech/business speaker for your next event? Emma Santa inspires virtual leaders, dispersed teams and remote workers to think outside of the virtual box and adopt work-from-anywhere practices that increase engagement and creativity.


The Curiosity Advantage: Rethinking the Digital Workplace

Innovation and motivation in the Virtual Workplace. Making the shift from transaction oriented remote work to innovation oriented virtual work.

Topics covered:

  • Why a Curiosity Culture strengthens virtual/blended organizations
  • How Curiosity can drive both productivity and innovation
  • How tapping into curiosity promotes employee engagement
  • How to create an environment that encourages curiosity


The eLeadership Challenge

In this keynote I identify some of the common challenges that leaders face when working with virtual teams. After identifying key challenges, solutions are identified and attendees are motivated to try new approaches to leadership tailored to a virtual environment.

Topics covered:

  • Making the switch from a traditional office environment
  • Practicing Out of Sight/Out of Mind Leadership
  • How to Spot Overwhelmed or Disengaged Employees
  • Creating Meaningful Employee Engagement Experiences


Digital Citizenship

Adaptable to digital natives (people who have grown up with technology) and for those who are brand new, this talk covers what it means to be a good digital citizen. Whether you are building up a digital community, need to positively influence a digital culture, or want to do more globally from your corner of the planet – this talk will cover how we influence others in a digital world.

Topics covered:

  • 3 Key aspects of digital citizenship
  • Being a positive influence in digital culture
  • Digital Community Ethics
  • Online Perception, Anonymity, and Empathy

Breakouts/Lunch and Learns

Virtual Communication and the Power of Perception

As an online leader, teleworker, entrepreneur or virtual volunteer, the way that you communicate in non-face-to-face situations is vital to how you are perceived by your customers, team mates, and followers. In this presentation, Emma talks about how perception gets in the way of communication. She identifies how to recognize perception bias as both a communicator and a receiver, and what we can do to overcome bias so that we can have more productive and rewarding lives.

Topics covered:

  • Perception Bias
  • Mental Modeling
  • Communication Gaps
  • Communication Cycle


Become a Silo Breaker

In organizations with virtual workers there is a greater susceptibility for individuals and teams to form silos. While in some cases production silos that focus on a specific process can be beneficial, in many cases these silos can lead to employee disengagement, errors of assumption and a stifling of innovation.

Topics covered:

  • Virtual Employee Engagement
  • Shifting Company Culture
  • Creating Cross-Functional Teams
  • Productivity vs. Innovation


Managing Change in the Virtual Environment

Change management is difficult even when done in face-to-face environments, but there are some unique challenges for those leading virtual teams. This session looks at the challenges of virtual leadership in conjunction with change management and offers solutions for both leaders and team members in navigating change virtually.

Topics covered:

  • How to Overcome Employee Resistance in the Virtual Workspace
  • Developing a Virtual Change-Communication Plan
  • Change Management Collaboration Among Sponsors
  • Recognizing and Preventing Pockets of “The Way Things Were”


Virtual Board Development

Associations and Non-Profits – big and small – can benefit from having virtual boards. From large global or national organizational boards (where travel costs and schedules can prohibit face-to-face meetings) to small local boards who can benefit from the ease of the occasional virtual meetings. In this talk, we uncover some of the best practices for organizations that wish to use a virtual meeting space.

Topics covered:

  • Is a Virtual Board Right for Your Organization?
  • Facilitating Organizational Discussions
  • Virtual Meeting Governance and Best Practices
  • Helping Board Members Succeed in Virtual Meetings


How to create a Virtual Volunteering Program

As a Non-Profit or Association, are you limiting your reach by avoiding virtual volunteering possibilities? Creating opportunities for virtual engagement can help strengthen your outreach program and strengthen your brand. In this talk, we will uncover why you should be utilizing virtual volunteers and how to set up a program based on your organizational needs.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying Virtual Volunteering Opportunities
  • Establishing Objectives and Guidelines
  • Creating the Framework for your Volunteering Program
  • Volunteer Engagement, Inclusion, and Recognition


If you are interested in hiring me for an upcoming engagement, whether it is a keynote, workshop, corporate or convention, please contact me to more specifically discuss scheduling, fees and subject matter.